The Greater Richmond, Virginia Club GP chapter is devoted to bringing out the best in the

latest generation of General Motors "W-body platform". We want to provide late model Pontiac Grand Prix, Buick Regal and Chevrolet Monte Carlo owners with the knowledge and man power it takes to realize their cars true performance and or show potential.

Part A:

Register your car on the ClubGP Owners Registry and be sure to remember your user ID.


Part B:

After joining the national registry, join the GRVA mailing list by sending an e-mail to

 "" with a subject of "subscribe grvacgp YOUR E-MAIL" Joining the GRVACGP mailing list will allow you to keep up on all the GRVA activities and conversation.


Part C:

To join the GRVA registry, send an e-mail to "" with you user ID in the message stating that you would like to be listed on the GRVA registry as well.


Part D:

Once you are successfully subscribed you can communicate with everyone else on the mailing list by sending e-mail addressed to " ". Note that you should also get a copy of this e-mail because you are also subscribed to the mailing list.


***If you have any problems subscribing to the mailing list please contact us for assistance***


Their are no dues or fee requirements of any

kind to be a GRVACGP member. Although their may be fees for participation at some club events or gatherings. Also from time to time donations are taken for club merchandise such as t-shirts and club stickers.

- Attend at least one club event per calendar year and or be active on the e-mail server or message board.


- Show respect for fellow members, their cars

and their personal taste.



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